Blackheads, Large Pores, Skin Impurities
Blackheads are a form of acne disorder marked by excess oils building up in the sebaceous gland, and oxidized with dirt and bacteria. They are commonly seen on the nose and between the eyebrows, where more oil is generally discharged. Usually blackheads appear as a bump on the skin. Though they are not itchy and only affect one’s appearance, one should not ignore them. Without prompt treatment, blackheads may easily turn into reddish and painful acne.
Large Pores
  • [Excessive Skin Oil] Our skin pores will open to excrete oil when our face starts to produce it. The pores grow larger when more oil is produced. Therefore, an oily skin often comes together with large skin pores.
  • [Collagen Loss] Collagen loss in aging skin contributes to large pores. When collagen is lost with aging, the oil glands and skin pores loose support and become lax, and the pores become “stretched” and noticeably enlarged.
  • [Stratum Corneum Thickness] Old cells of healthy skin fall off naturally through metabolism, but this will not be the case for stratum corneum when the skin is in an unstable state, such as metabolic disorders and improper cleaning. Instead, these dead cells will accumulate in and enlarge the pores.
Skin Impurities
  • [Dry Skin] When oil secretion of dry skin is less than normal, a natural membrane of protection cannot be formed, and the skin thus shows no radiance.
  • [Weather] Dry weather and sunshine will result in the loss of skin moisture, sharply aggravating the problem.
  • [Sensitivity] Improper use of cosmetics or skin care products will cause skin sensitivity. In serious cases, this can bring about varying degrees of inflammation, and worsened skin impurities.
  • [Hormonal Imbalance] Metabolism of skin will be directly affected when body functions are out of balance. Therefore, the skin will be unsmooth when hormone becomes imbalanced.
Oil problems can be treated by laser or medication. Aging skin can be treated by chemical peel, together with endocrine balance adjustment. Hence, the three major skin problems, namely blackheads, large pores and skin impurities, can be perfectly solved.
* Information available on this web page is for reference only. The approach of treatments may vary since factors affecting health, as well as health conditions of an individual, may differ from one another. Please consult your registered medical practitioners for professional advice before selecting and receiving any treatment.