Excess Body Fat
The body fat is divided into two categories. One is visceral fat, stored in the liver, intestine and other organs; the other is subcutaneous fat, stored under the skin over the body, accounting for 80% of our body fat.
Statistics show that the buttocks and thighs of female are the places where fat are likely to accumulate, resulting in "pear-shaped” body; male fat is mostly accumulated in the abdomen, and hence we have so-called "apple-shaped" body.
Exercise can eliminate your overall body fat, but it cannot target specific part of your body. When the body burns calories, total fat decreases, but you cannot control which part of your body fat is burned. It’s baseless that dumbbell can decrease the fat in your arms.
Some people may be somewhat satisfied with their overall body figure but feel helpless with stubborn fat in certain parts of their bodies, especially around the waist and belly, arms, thighs. If you want to eliminate those stubborn fat, ultrasonic non-invasive fat melting technology or liposuction can be adopted. Together with autologous fat transfer and RF skin tightening technology, you can significantly improve your body contour.
If you hope to lose weight, you can plan a suitable menu with dietitians. Acupuncture often helps with the body weight loss as well.
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