Dark Circles, Eye Bags
Dark Circles
It is widely thought that dark circles are an indication of lack of sleep. In fact, this is just one of the three causes of dark circles:
  • Vascular dark circles may be formed from blood retention due to poor blood circulation. This problem is worsened by factors such as lack of sleep and stresses, so that dark circles are widely viewed as being related to the lack of sleep.
  • Dark pigmentation around the eyes forms dark circles. Skin in the periorbital area is the thinnest one in the body, so that little dark pigmentation can bring about great impact.
  • People who are suffering from allergic rhinitis may have allergic black eyes. This is because inflammatory substances may be found in their blood vessels, and these substances cause subcutaneous blood vessels to dilate.
Attempts to reduce the dark circles simply by catching up on some sleep won’t help much. Instead, we can reduce vascular and pigment on the orbital skin by injecting a proper dose of hyaluronic acid in the eye bags.
Eye bags
Eye bags are generally caused by sagged muscles and fat bulges under the eyes. While fat-bulge eye bags are mostly found among youths, sagged muscles are relating to normal aging of the skin. In both cases, eye bags can be treated through cosmetic surgery. In the latter case, the sagged muscle problem can also be improved by tightening the skin using the collagen stimulation method.
Suggested Treatments:
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