Pigmentation, Birthmarks, Tattoos
UV rays, skin aging, acne, hormonal stimulation, or genetic factors can cause skin pigmentation, when excess melanin is produced by your skin. These pigments are generally divided into superficial and deep pigmentation. Freckles and Sun spots are superficial pigments, while hormonal spots and age spots are deep pigments.
Most birthmarks appear at birth, but most people cannot tell whether it is a mole, pigmentation, or lesions, so a proper diagnosis is necessary to ensure that the appropriate treatment is applied. Pigment and birthmark may appear anywhere in the body. Most of them can be removed by laser.

But if melanoma or skin cancer is suspected, removing the mole and doing a biopsy for accurate diagnosis will usually be recommended.
Tattoos are also removable by laser treatments. Consult a doctor before proceeding to any treatments.
* Information available on this web page is for reference only. The approach of treatments may vary since factors affecting health, as well as health conditions of an individual, may differ from one another. Please consult your registered medical practitioners for professional advice before selecting and receiving any treatment.