Belkyra deoxycholic acid injection

Belkyra deoxycholic acid injection


Belkyra double chin lipolysis treatment is the world's only FDA approved double chin lipolysis treatment. It is also approved by the European Pharmacy EMA for fat double chin.

Three main causes of double chin:

  • Ageing

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon of the human body. In addition to the loss of elasticity of the skin over time, the aging and relaxation of the skin combined with gravity will also cause double chin.  

  • Heredity

Double chin may also be inherited naturally. It is also common for double chin to be passed on to the next generation because of the genes of the parents.

  • Weight gain

As the age increases, the body's metabolism slows down and the body's energy consumption slows down. The extra calories can easily form fat.

Double jaws make people look older and fatter. Because the cause is also related to inheritance and aging, exercise and dieting alone may not improve the double chin problem.  

Belkyra contains a proprietary ingredient Deoxycholic Acid (DCA). When injected directly into subcutaneous fat, DCA destroys the cell membrane of fat cells, causing irreversible fat cell breakdown and reducing the number of double chin fat cells.


Belkyra double chin lipolysis is not a surgical procedure. Clinical studies have confirmed that an average of 2-4 Belkyra sessions can be expected to achieve significant results. The effect does not rebound and there is no need to continue treatment after completing the entire course of treatment.

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