Unlike laser treatments and other technologies that heat up superficial skin layers, Thermage utilizes unique radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat up the dermal and subcutaneous tissue to 65-75 °C, while controlling the epidermal temperature at 45 °C through cryogen. Also, by applying the patented Comfort Pulse Technology, gentle vibrations and interspersed cooling, it helps turn wrinkled skin into tighter skin, and makes the Thermage treatment even more comfortable and less pain compared with other RF treatments.

Thermage Treatment Process        
1. Treatment begins with a cooling effect on the skin for comfort and safety of surface layers.
2. Specially designed treatment tip is placed against the skin in targeted areas
Vibration begins     Vibration continues  
3. Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and stimulating the formation of new collagen.
4. Final delivery of cryogen to cool the epidermis.
Vibration continues     Vibration stops  

Thermage FLX fifth generation radio wave

As you age, collagen in your skin is gradually lost, causing skin wrinkles, sagging, and sagging. phenomenon. New generation Thermage FLX skin tightening treatment uses patented monopolar radio frequency technology for safe three-dimensional heating Deep skin, stimulate collagen to achieve immediate tightening effect, and at the same time promote the gradual proliferation of collagen, sustained Shape three-dimensional outline.

Breakthrough AccuREP technology, which can fine-tune and optimize the RF energy of each shot during the treatment, The output is more suitable for your skin needs. Save up to 25% on treatment time with the new generation of Smart Probe 4.0 ; At the same time, it is improved to all-around vibration mode to improve the comfort of the treatment.

Thermage can be applied to the following parts of the body:

Face Body
Forehead (fine lines) Arms
Eyebrows (sagging) Back of hands
Around the eyes (excess skin on the upper eyelid, “crow’s feet” wrinkles and eye bags) Waist and tummy 
(sagging skin after pregnancy or weight loss)
Lips (loose on both sides and sagging corner of the month) Buttocks and thighs (cellulite)
Jowls or jaw line Knees
Neck (nicknamed as “turkey neck”)  

Thermage apparatus, approved by the US FDA, is allowed to be acquired by medical practitioners only in order to eradicate any issues arising out of improper operation by non-professionals at a beauty salon.

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