Versatile Laser Treatments

The quality and color of the skin are directly affected by melanin, vascular cells, oxidation of hemoglobin and collagen locating at different parts of the skin. Their laser absorption and reactions are not same either. Therefore, after diagnosis and detailed analysis by a medical practitioner, a variety of skin problems can be resolved, without prejudice to other skin tissue, by using different wavelengths and laser energy to launch into the skin at different depth.

Skin reactions may vary after laser treatment. However, most of the discomfort will disappear in a couple of days, and efficacy can be more thorough, by following the medical practitioner’s instructions and paying attention to sun protection, moisturizing and post-treatment care.

Segmented carbon dioxide laser (Fractional CO2)
Traditional non-segmented carbon dioxide laser, though yielding remarkable efficacy, is now gradually being phased out because of severe pain involved in the process. The new generation of segmented carbon dioxide laser (Fractional CO2) retains the excellent efficacy of the previous generation while greatly eliminating the discomfort of the skin.
532nm Laser
755nm Laser
1064nm Laser
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* Information available on this web page is for reference only. The approach of treatments may vary since factors affecting health, as well as health conditions of an individual, may differ from one another. Please consult your registered medical practitioners for professional advice before selecting and receiving any treatment.