Single Eyelids/Swelling eyelids
According to statistics, about 50% of East Asians have single eyelids; even if they have natural double eyelids, sometimes the shape is not satisfactory as a result of the Mongolian fold, asymmetrical eyelid or eyelid laxity. Surgery is often required to solve these problems.
Single Eyelids
Eyes seem small and dull. Swelling often makes it look even worse.
Mongolian fold
Mongolian fold refers to the condition where a fold of the skin of the upper eyelid partially covers the inner corner of the eye. Though it’s neither an illness nor does it affect the vision, it will make the facial contour appear flat.
Asymmetrical eyelid
Many people have one eye of double eyelid and the other of single, or uneven double eyelid, which affect the lady’s makeup.
Loose Eyelid
Eyelid will become loose with age, making double eyelids crease move down and will eventually stack in the upper eyelashes. Double eyelids will disappear, making you look old.
Suggested Treatments:
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